Retreats: how the National Rally is trying to get back into the debate


POLITICS – It was the only point that brought rebellious and walkable agreement: the noted absence of the National Rally of debates on pension reform. While the Melenchonist deputies drew attention to the real legislative guerrilla warfare carried out by the majority, that the PS put pressure with its commission of inquiry and that the Republicans banged their fists on the table on the budgetary question, Marine Le Pen and his people were drying the Palais Bourbon, to the point of not coming to defend their amendments in committee.

Only the deputy for the North Sébastien Chenu finally decided to go there… but after many tweets underscored the absenteeism of the RN and the rebels underscored the “wet firecracker” of the Lepéniste opposition, a party that integrated a social dimension into his speech under the leadership of its president. “Madame Le Pen does absolutely nothing in the National Assembly”, still sucked Sunday February 16 Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “We will defend our amendments as we do every time, in plenary,” replied Marine Le Pen.

Since then, the National Rally has taken over and decided to no longer be content with media incantations calling for a referendum. But without sparing a lawsuit in negligence, even in amateurism. As several journalists have noted, Marine Le Pen’s amendments are for example riddled with French faults. A brief search in these documents indeed reveals that these amendments do not seem to have been entitled to a rigorous rereading. Which is not ideal when one intends to position oneself in serious opposition.

Also, no comeback without participating in debates during the session. And while the RN deputies were absent in committee, here they were again on the benches of the hemicycle. On the evening of Tuesday February 18 to Wednesday February 19, Bruno Bilde, Nicolas Meizonnet and Ludovic Pajot were present. “During a night session in the National Assembly on the pension reform bill. There are 38,393 amendments to consider! ”, tweeted the deputy for Pas-de-Calais, author of a oral intervention the day before calling for a referendum and denouncing “contempt for the government” towards the Parliament.

If the parliamentary forces of the RN are inversely proportional to its media strike force, its elected representatives sitting with the non-attached members, which considerably limits their speaking time, that does not prevent it from taking up the niche. Wednesday, Sébastien Chenu has questioned in session the government on the fate of lawyers. Sufficient effort to be credible among opposition groups? Unlike the Republicans, rebellious or socialists, the RN has produced no counter-reform projects.

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