Rescue Alitalia, 40 million tax mine appears


Rescue Alitalia, 40 million tax mine appears

Red alert for Alitalia. On the contrary, a tax alert on the accounts of the flag carrier which, as is known, loses an average of 2 million a day and which, after Vito Cozzoli leaves the scene from the Ministry of Development, seems abandoned to itself. The dossier on the rescue was in fact in the hands of the powerful head of cabinet of Minister Stefano Patuanelli who passed from Mise to the presidency of Sport and Health. For Commissioner Giuseppe Leogrande it is not easy to find an interlocutor with whom to try to defuse the mine of taxes. Alitalia is known to burn about 600 million a year and needs the bread of the 400 million liquidity that the government has assigned to it. But these funds, needed to fly planes, buy fuel, pay employees, risk being affected by a tax battle which, if not defused, can have disastrous consequences. THE DETAILS
According to the taxman, alerted by a minor union union complaint, pilots and hostesses would have paid 50% less taxes on the part of the variable remuneration. Hence the start, at the beginning of the year, of about 3,600 tax collection files (with amounts ranging from 2,500 to 8,200 euros) by the Revenue Agency. A flurry of warnings to all the traveling staff.

In the viewfinder, going down into the technical details, items related to flight allowances. According to the unions, Alitalia was the one who made the mistake. However, the workers have to pay immediately, obviously waiting for clarifications, in addition to the due, fines and interests. But the bloodletting won’t last just one year. Pilots and hostesses, provided that the Inland Revenue does not retrace its steps since there is an ongoing debate, will be forced to pay for the documents for a period from 2014 to today. On average 4,000 euros per year. But it is above all for the company that the bill is very high: up to 40 million for missed payments to INPS. The reason? By mistaking the salary calculations, at least in the interpretation of the Revenue Agency, less social security contributions were paid. And now we need to run for cover.

Not only. Commissioner Leogrande, who seeks the bank with the main trade union organizations, from the ANPAV to CGIL, CISL and UIL, also has the problem of early cig but which has not yet been paid to the company. When a company puts workers into layoffs, it generally anticipates the worker’s subsidy and then pays for the payments that the social security institution is required to repay. In fact, union sources explain, it is from September that Alitalia anticipates the Cig to the traveling staff without getting anything. In fact, the implementing decrees that Leogrande has been calling for since he arrived on the carrier’s command bridge are missing.

While waiting for answers from the ministry, the single commissioner and the general manager Giancarlo Zevi are working to save the costs. On the one hand, leasing contracts are being reviewed, on the other, a cut of 8 aircraft is being studied which would lead to a reduction in costs. Redundancies are also expected which, the government agrees, could benefit from slides and early retirements. Thus minimizing the social impact. To do this, however, it will be necessary to create a newco, while the Court will have to declare the termination of the business operation by Alitalia in commissioner management.

In the newco – Minister Patuanelli imagines a holding company – the main business activities should be divided into three. One dedicated to the flight part (streamlined and with the employees necessary to guarantee the balance), one to maintenance and the last to handling. The debts and redundancies would instead remain with the bad company, that is, managed by Alitalia in liquidation. But first there is the tax dossier to be resolved.
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