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the citizens from a bank branch in Ankara, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) and the Central Bank of Turkey (CBT) answered questions of AA correspondent on the subject for regulation.

Tevfik Üçbaş stated that he found the lowering of the EFT fee positively, “It is a good practice for both the citizens and the trade dealers to decrease the EFT fees. We demand these to be reduced further. We expect such positive developments more frequently.” used the expression.

Explaining that he uses a mobile and internet banking account, Enver Kırdaş underlined that the fees received while transferring from banks are high. Kırdaş said, “It is positive for consumers to reduce these wages. It would be better if this fee is not taken.” he spoke.

İbrahim Güngör explained that he used internet banking and said, “It is a nice development, EFT fees were expensive, it was reasonable for people to reduce it. It was a bit reasonable when you made it from ATM. When you make a transaction from the bank, high fees were received. A pleasing development.” found the assessment.

Özden Bayram also said that it is pleasing and positive to reduce bank fees and commissions and to reduce costs. Bayram said:

“Banks are working with very high profit rate in Turkey finds 25 percent. This rate of 3 percent for banks in Europe. Even stayed late the government in this regard. Such practices should have been done much earlier.”

The regulations of the BRSA and the CBRT were published in the Official Gazette on February 10. The regulation will come into force on March 1, 2020.



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