Reaction to insulting women! Tense congress in Ankara


CHP Ankara Provincial Congress was held at Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center. After reading the activity reports at the congress, the word was given to the parties. In the speech of one of the delegates Tevfik Koçak, the expression “There is no trust in the work of politics, the sun in winter, the function of the woman” caused the reaction of the women in the hall. The defense of Koçak’s words, “This is said everywhere in Anatolia,” further increased the dose of tension. A woman on the bench rolled the microphone. While the tension continued despite the intervention of the sofa, a water bottle was thrown to the bench.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş made a speech at the congress that started with the speech of CHP Leader Kılıçdaroğlu.


In Ankara Kılıçdaroğlu had pointed out Ali Hikmet Smart. Current provincial President Rıfkı Güvener announced that he would be a candidate while former Youth Branch President Ayhan Yalçınkaya was withdrawing. While at least 64 signatures were required for Yalçınkaya’s candidacy, some of the signatures were claimed to be duplicate. While the objections to the signature continue, the debates among the parties turned into a riot. It was observed that some party members were punching. From time to time, there was a discussion between the delegates and the Council. Chairman of the Council Hikmet Çetin announced that 42 of 69 delegates signed for Yalçınkaya were found to be duplicates. Yalçınkaya supporters argued that they collected three signatures separately, the last one collected 178 signatures, but the signature of some delegates was withdrawn.

496 of 645 delegates voted in the congress, which was held with the only candidate after the discussions. While 181 votes were invalid, Ali Hikmet Smart was elected Ankara Provincial President with 315 votes.

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