Racist cries, the striker of FC Porto Moussa Marega lived “a big humiliation”


FC Porto striker Moussa Marega was the victim of racist insults on the lawn of Guimarães last Sunday.

Franco-Malian Moussa Marega left the stadium furious in the match between FC Porto and Guimaraes. The latter did not tolerate the cries of monkeys against him, and decided to leave the field in the 71st minute.

Questioned by RMC Sport on this incident, Marega told about the evening that he had a very bad time. ” It’s better. Yesterday was much more difficult. Yesterday, I really felt like a m ****, it was a big humiliation for me. From the moment I got home, when I saw my son, things were better “, he regretted with emotion.

The Malian then explained his exchanges, when leaving, with his teammates and his coach Sergio Conceição. “My partners don’t understand my reaction. They are shocked that I want to leave the lawn. Their first reaction is to try to calm me down, they know me very well and know that I can do something stupid when I’m upset, they try to calm me down so that I don’t make a big mistake. But I’m just telling them that with the insults, I can’t go on. It was really no longer possible “, he said before continuing.

“It started warming up. At first it was only a few people but when it’s almost a whole stadium it’s not possible ”, he said, thanking his coach for understanding and supporting him. “I felt like a m ****, I was ashamed, you have to live it to understand. It’s a very unpleasant feeling. It’s sad that it happens in 2020 “.

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