Peron, Pope Francis and the mystery of the abortion law proposed by the Argentine President Fernandez


Vatican City – Peron’s shadow all day hovered over the Vatican today. The visit of the new Argentine president, Alberto Fernandez, began with a mass in the crypt of the tomb of San Pietro, with tones and contents “unusually peronist”, as reported by the newspaper La Nacion. It was celebrated by Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, asking for the “success” of the new presidency and recalling a meeting held in 1973 in Rome with Juan Domingo Peron, a figure considered close to Bergoglio.

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«We ask for the success of the new president for his new mission, so difficult. We wanted to celebrate a mass of reconciliation, which we thought was in the heart of the president, the bishops and the pope, “said Sanchez Sorondo. In front of him, the president, the first lady, Fabiola Yanhez, the foreign minister, Felipe Sola, the secretary of strategic affairs, Gustavo Beliz, the minister of justice Marcela Losardo and the secretary of worship, Guillermo Oliveri.

Then, later, the meeting between the Pope and the president, which took place in a very cordial atmosphere. A Vatican statement later said that there was talk of the economic situation in the country and the defense of human life. Too bad that later President Fernandez, speaking with journalists, denied ever having addressed the abortion issue. One of the points on which his government has focused is the decriminalization of abortion which in Argentina is allowed only in case of rape or in case of illness by the woman.

Perhaps to save his face the Vatican had to clarify that Fernandez never spoke to the Pope about legalizing abortion but did so only with Cardinal Parolin. “Not all the topics mentioned in the Press Release on the Audience to the President of the Republic of Argentina have been addressed in all the talks: some were examined during the one with the Secretariat of State, others in the one with the Holy Father”.

The pro-abortion plan will be discussed later this year by the Argentine Chamber of Deputies. Already in 2018 the lower house had tried to approve it but the Senate, with a vote eventually rejected the law.


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