Olivier Perrin praises Amadou Dia Ndiaye: “He is the best Senegalese striker who has signed at Fc Metz”


Olivier Perrin does not give up. One of its finest attackers trained at the Generation Foot academy will be able to render proud service to FC Sochaux. Amadou Dia Ndiaye has the goal in his blood. Amadou Di Ndiaye was fashioned for five years at Génération Foot with Olivier Perrin. An academy which has seen Sadio Mané, Ismaïla Sarr, Habib Diallo and Ibrahima Niane grow.

“Tinder, he’s a killer in front of the goal …”

Returning to oversee training at FC Metz for 2 years, Olivier Perrin can boast of knowing his subject well. At the evocation of one of the most beautiful jewels trained in Generation Foot, memories quickly “tilt”. Amadou Dia Ndiaye is this young boy “steeped in talent” whom the technician saw arriving as soon as he took up his post at the flagship training center in Senegal. “He came from Thies very close to Dakar. Tinder, I had him for 5 years and he quickly joined our elite group at 16 and a half. As a junior, as a junior he was already phenomenal and scored at least 50 goals per season. He’s practically the most gifted striker who has signed FC Metz so far. Brought back at equal age, he is the most gifted in front of the cage … ”

You have to appreciate the comparison at its fair value. Because Generation Foot has developed many top players. Olivier Perrin was just received a few days ago by Sadio Mané in Liverpool. The opportunity to reconnect with the one who could, should have won the last golden ball. Perrin also propelled the Ismaïla Sarr rocket or Habib Diallo and Ibrahima Niane.

Amadou Dia N’diaye was precisely the tip lining of the latter at the height of his seasons in Senegalese D1. Not an easy role, but the Vosges trainer still says very specific things about the strength of character of his foal who has just signed on loan to Sochaux: “His playing time was necessarily reduced behind Niane but from the first season, with what he was given, he managed to score 7/8 goals. Tinder is someone who is discreet but his personality is strong, believe me. In the game, he needs little time, little space to arm. If you leave him a half-shot window every 16 meters, you’re dead. He can use all the hitting surfaces and the ball will be at the bottom while you think about why… ”

Olivier Perrin: “A strike from the midfield, he dares …”

For the moment, Sochaux has already discovered a clean passer on the equalizing goal from Sané to Nancy. We also saw a moving tip, very comfortable in the game of surrender. With his back to a pressing hinge, he knows how to keep his cool. Olivier Perrin also points to a great capacity for demarcation at the centers. But of course, it’s this boy’s flair that does it all. In Olivier Perrin ‘’ must ’’, immortalized on DVD, we find in particular this shattering triplet of Amadou in African Cup against Berkane.

During the “specific attackers” who worked until death ensued, the bulimic worked everything. Flat feet, exter ’exter’ ’, volley shots, heads, direct free kicks.” It’s surgical with him. Nothing puts him in trouble. A strike from far from the midfield, he dares and it often hits home. At Génération Foot he put four of them like that! With the Metz reserve in N3, we have seen this too several times. Amadou has a very special purpose. I also know that he quickly hates when it doesn’t work the way he wants. He’s a hard worker, not a boastful man. He also learned to gallop for friends… ”

Now remains to transform this great potential. Deprived of Ligue 1 so far due to competition from … Diallo and Niane, Dia N’Diaye has campaigned a lot to land in Sochaux and be able to rub in Ligue 2. Will he be able to make it his hunting ground? Again, Olivier Perrin is convinced. The transplant will take. Sochaux is holding a crack. “When he puts one or two Tinder will become a top player, I am sure. We have high hopes for him. I really hope he will give what he has to give … “

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