No, Ousmane SONKO your message is full of hate with a fractionist will!


In Guinea Bissau the supreme court did not ask for a recount of the votes but rather a compilation of the minutes and the court rejected by a public judgment rendered on February 14, 2020 the request to invalidate the poll. Added to this is the confirmation on two occasions of the results declaring Emballo victorious with 53.55% of the votes by the national electoral commission.

Far from an interference, President Macky Sall acted as a perfect legalist, and with a view to preserving peace and stability in the West African zone. And it is by no means an offense to congratulate Emballo the winner of the election in Guinea Bissau democratically elected by his people the President through a tweet from President Macky SALL intervened after the recount of votes.

Ousmane SONKO – the anti-system: supports the candidate of the PAIGC system and suddenly reveals his approach made of contradiction instead of supporting the Guinean Bissau people in their desire for rupture announcing a new era.

The leader of PASTEF lost here in Senegal like the candidate he supported in Guinea Bissau and today he is trying to fuel the tension in this brother country, which shows a deep lack of seriousness and an approach built on disregard for all the good political precepts that he should inspire if he really wants to benefit from the confidence of the majority of Senegalese. Ousmane SONKO’s strategy of denigrating and contesting the international leadership of President Macky SALL recognized by his peers everywhere in the organizations ((ECOWAS, UEMOA, NEPAD whose president Paul Kagame has just spent time with) will remain futile and counterproductive for the drool of the failing flag cannot reach the white dove.

Dependent on popular confidence, President Macky SALL is not the equal of a deposed candidate who weighs only 15% of the electorate having the nerve to project himself on the international scene by supporting candidates in neighboring countries.

The action of President Macky SALL in the West African sub-region is a process of consolidating democratic achievements to lay the foundations for harmonious and community development, as demonstrated by the resounding success of all his diplomatic actions. We join in his congratulations from President Macky SALL sent from his Twitter account to the people of Bissau and their President Emballo.

Long live peace in Africa! Stop destabilizers and hate messages.


Former MEER Coordinator

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