Night air temperature reached minus 3 degrees


Iran shook, Van was destroyed. He did not stay on stone in Özpınar village of Başkale. The villagers remained on the street when it was cold in February.

The night temperature reached minus 3 degrees. Help came to the village, but it was not so easy to arrive.

Özpınarlılar were not left on the street. Tent assistance was provided to the region. Tents were set up where they would spend the night.

AFAD, UMKE, Kızılay flights were made to warm up a family.

Aid rained almost to the village. Parcels gathered inside the school. He waited to be sent to the owners. What was needed most was the heater.

Aftershocks drive in the region

Uneasy and homeless villagers will stay in the tent until containers are made.

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