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Seen and read about PSG in the French press this Thursday, February 20, 2020. The day after the 2-1 defeat at Dortmund against Borussia. We pass the insulting story of the brother of Presnel Kimpembe

For Release, there is a “Scent of tension after the defeat at Dortmund, which looked like a game of chess. In the aftermath, the declarations, notably of Neymar, stayed away from the field in previous matches, reveal a low-noise crisis in the Paris club. ”

Neymar, “Disappointed and in trouble in Dortmund, did not fail to criticize the staff after the match, underlinesAFP. After the hiccup, Parisians seek the culprits : from Neymar, acid on the management of his return, to Tuchel, criticized for his tactical bet, the PSG addresses the return in a tense climate. And yet, with a precious goal written outside, Paris still has 52% chance of qualifying. Provided quickly find the sacred union, and to erase some unforgivable errors at this level. […] To finally break the curse of the eighths, Tuchel will have to find the right formula without Verratti or Meunier, suspended. An additional puzzle that could have been avoided, according to the words of the side (“I did not know I was threatened … It annoys me. If I had known, I would not have made this mistake … “). With Kehrer and Paredes as possible replacements, Tuchel also has the opportunity to beef up his attack with Icardi or Cavani. With four matches to come, the coach has plenty of time to prepare for the Assisted mission. It’s a question of survival.”

In The Team for February 20, 2020

“Publicly regretting PSG’s decision not to have it played before Dortmund, Neymar threw a paving stone in the garden of his leaders, valued The Team. This speaking was enough to “Set fire” internally, slipped a close friend of the club yesterday. […] This public outing fed the fantasy of a higher intervention (Leonardo, even Doha) to preserve the crack. Several sources assure, however, that it is only on the basis of the recommendations of the medical staff.

“It will first chase away fear and ghosts. And then there will be the rest, the very basics. The suspensions of Meunier and Verratti as well as the failure of 3-4-3 force Tuchel to rethink its structure and its choices of men for the eighth return, writes the sports journal. It will take revive Kehrer. […] Paredes, very interesting in January for its ability to speed up the animation, has gradually disappeared. The reassembly operation is launched. […] The next three weeks promise to be stressful and lulled by the specter of a new drama. Real pressure that could spark new negative feelings within the team. Further elimination would affect Tuchel’s future. But it would also threaten the stability of the club, with serious questions about the Parisian future of Neymar and Mbappé. Proof of the importance of the March 11 meeting, Neymar, Di Maria and Kurzawa launched yesterday a call to “anti-negativity” on social networks. For what effect? ​​”

In Le Parisien of February 20, 2020

“At the club, nobody takes their share of responsibility, blaming others, says The Parisian. Stress, nervousness, anxiety, anxiety : PSG seems to be contaminated in all its components by a fear culture. This chilliness completely blocks the European Cup team. Tuchel, by changing the system and applying a 3-4-3, seemed panic. Thiago Silva, captain of all national conquests but also of all European fiascos, is a port anxiety all by himself, known for defending by retreating under the pressure. […] President Al-Khelaïfi, constantly feared Qatar’s skin reaction. […] This climate of anxiety encompasses all areas of the club, where the paranoia and the cult of secrecy are used as a guide. PSG distributes interviews with its players in drops, in a strict and supervised framework, with the fear so-and-so does not spill too easily. It’s a corseted club which each European elimination adds a layer of stress. He can still stop this vicious circle by qualifying. He will then have won but above all defeated his endemic fear. ”

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