News 24 | “Dr. Neum” .. a medical system to predict the health problems of the city’s residents before they happen


pictureToday, Wednesday, the NEOM company announced the development of an advanced medical system called “Dr.Neome”, to collect health data for residents and forecast their health problems before they occur.

This came during a speech by NEOM CEO, Eng. Nazmi Al-Nasr, in a session entitled “Smart Cities Designed to be Safe”, during the sessions of the International Forum on Cyber ​​Security at the Ritz-Carlton.

Al-Nasr stated that NEOM will be the first place in the world to rely entirely on digitization, noting that modern cybersecurity devices will be used and work on a plan to train thousands of citizens who will invest in them to provide the service.

He revealed that the regional plan for LNWM will be announced next month, as it will be a sophisticated smart area in which information will be used to improve the standard of living of the population, as it seeks to attract a million residents by 2030.

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