News 24 | Al-Rajhi announces the launch of the “Labor Award” for Emiratization and improvement of the work environment


Engineer Ahmed Al-RajhiThe Minister of Labor and Social Development, Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi, announced today (Monday) the launch of the “Labor Prize” to motivate the private sector to provide the best job opportunities for the sons and daughters of the country.

The Labor Award aims to encourage the private sector to raise Emiratisation rates, to promote compliance with the standards of the ideal work environment in a manner that is competitive, and to encourage the workforce to work in private sector enterprises.

The award is divided into “Emiratization AwardIt includes 12 awards (the Establishment of the Year Award, the Small and Medium Enterprises Award, the Promising Enterprises Award, and the Emiratization Award for Private Enterprises for nine different sectors).

While including “Excellent work environment awardSix awards for both large and medium enterprises (Best Public Work Environment Award, Best Women Work Environment Award, and Occupational Safety and Health Leaders Award).

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