Nasser Bohani tops the fourth stage of the Saudi tour 2020


Nasser Bohani tops the fourth stage of the Saudi tour 2020

Masmak Palace is awaiting the arrival of the “hero” today

Saturday – 14 Jumada al-Akher 1441 AH – 08 February 2020 AD number number [

From the Saudi Tour Circuit in Riyadh (Middle East)

Riyadh: «Middle East»

After the end of the fourth stage of the Saudi Tour 2020 for bicycles, which was held yesterday at the international championship in the capital Riyadh, second place was won by Nasir Buhani of the French team, Samsec, in the international ranking, while the second place was run by the McLaren Bahrain “Bohas Ville”. Third place, Roy Costa, from the Emirati Terengganu team.
The fourth stage witnessed a great competition between the riders due to the difficulty of the track, where the riders were forced to rise twice, and that required them high physical exertion, where he got the first position and the “green and red shirt” cyclist Nasser Bohani from the French team, I will touch you, while in the second place the cyclist Nicole Benfazio of the French team Valoni Brussels, came in third place, the cyclist helped me win a curd from the Astana Pro Team of Kazakhstan. He also won the prize for the best young rider, “Lawrence Andres” from the Royal Readies team, as well as “The White Shirt”, and the cyclist Joel Nicolas of the Spanish team Caja Rorle Sigoros RGI got the “dotted shirt”.
The fourth stage of the Saudi Tawaf 2020 had started from Wadi Namar Park to King Saud University in Al-Muzahmiyya Governorate, with a distance of 137 km. The tournament will end today, Saturday, with the fifth and last stage with a distance of 144 km, and will start from Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University, provided that The historic Al-Masmak Palace in the heart of the capital, Riyadh, is the end point of the Tawaf stages.
It is noteworthy that the number of participants in this race is 126 global riders representing 18 teams from different countries of the world, competing in five stages with a total distance of 755 km, organized by the General Authority for Sport represented by the Saudi Cycling Federation, and this major global event is held under the umbrella of the International Cycling Federation, And within the initiatives that fall under the “Quality of Life” program.
And covers more than 25 foreign media circuits of the Saudi Tour. The French journalist Florian explained that Saudi Arabia has succeeded in organizing the Tour of Saudi Arabia by running the race with high professionalism and facilitating the task of the contestants throughout the past four stages.
While his colleague Thomas explained that despite the heat of the atmosphere that the contestants lived in on the fourth day, the presence of the wind helped the contestants to complete their mission with complete success, indicating that Saudi Arabia has beautiful scenery and great terrain, enjoy watching all those present to cover the race from different countries of the world.
The people of Al-Muzahmiyya Governorate continued the Saudi Tawaf race, which witnessed in its fourth day the closing stage in front of the headquarters of King Saud University, “Al-Muzahmiyyah Branch.”
The people of the province attended to follow the stages of the race, where they encouraged the contestants in front of the finish line, and they were also keen to take memorial photos of the phases of the coronation and with the contestants, expressing their happiness that their governorate was among the regions that had embraced one of the stages of the global race.
The fourth stage, which was held between Wadi Namar Park and King Saud University in Al-Muzahimiyah, hosted an accompanying race that gathered a number of school students.
The race was held at the last leg of the race at a distance of 500 meters, where it witnessed an exciting competition amid the encouragement of the families of the participants, who came to encourage their children.
The race was held to give young participants a constructive experience by participating in a global event such as the Saudi Cruise.
All the security authorities, in addition to the King Saud University security teams in Muzahimiyah, made great efforts to facilitate the task of the participants, organizers, and media professionals.
The security personnel organized the area surrounding the last stage of the race, as their efforts contributed to organizing traffic in a large and effective manner, and the university employees prepared the university positions for all the organizers and guests, which facilitated their entry and exit to follow the last stage of the fourth day race.


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