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Today’s February 14, 2020 review, on: Discounted mortgages in February with the ranking of the five best banks; Cash limit and penalties; Pension and assignment of the fifth with the latest INPS provisions; Postal savings bonds and ABF appeal; Resignation for just cause, what are the times; VAT refund 2020, the Agency requests a courtesy copy of the electronic invoices; all the news of the day.

Discounted mortgages, the best banks in February

2020 begins with many news on the mortgage front, many questions about how interest rates will be: will they go up or down? Will it be convenient to take out a mortgage in 2020 and what is the fixed or variable rate worth? These summing up are the questions we are asked. Let’s try to analyze what will happen in 2020 and how convenient it will be to access a mortgage to buy a house in February: Fixed rate mortgages 0.96% and variable 0.65%, the ranking of the best banks

Gifts and cash limit: tax checks

In view of a wedding or an 18th birthday, the gifts are wonderful and you may want to give your son / daughter a corresponding amount, for example at 15 thousand euros. However, the legislation imposes unyielding limits on the use of cash, and in the event of a violation, penalties rain down that can reach 50 million euros. Although it is true that the government’s tactic directs citizens to the sudden use of traceable means of payment, at the same time, it gradually limits the use of cash up to the threshold of a thousand euros.

Read the news here: Cash limit: what the law provides in case of violation

Pension and transfer of the fifth

Inps with a message clarified some aspects of pensions and the assignment of the fifth. Specifically, in message no. 470 of 7 February 2020, the objective of improving the quality of the service offered to pensioners is highlighted. In fact, the news concerns the updating of the simplified procedure of the administrative action, as well as dematerialisation aimed at managing the extinction of the loan contracts in reference to the assignment of the fifth of the pension.

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Postal savings bonds and the use of ABF

Interest-bearing postal certificates, we expect to receive what is stated in the back of the voucher, a simple investment in which the saver sparingly waits for the deadline to collect the voucher, including interest. However, in recent times this procedure has not taken place in the correct way, and the saver has had to deal with the collection of very narrow interests, out of reach of the wording placed on the back of the voucher. And then many are wondering what happens, after the appeal filed with the Banking Financial Arbitrator to appropriate a right, and receive a refund of postal savings bonds deemed non-compliant. How much can ABF decisions influence, and how can the saver who is not satisfied with the final decision move? With extreme balance, we will try to satisfy every question in this article: Interest-bearing postal vouchers: what changes after the appeal for the refund to the ABF?

Resignation and work: what are the terms?

The worker before preparing to formalize the resignation request, that is to say dismissal from the workplace must fulfill the online procedure, through the assistance of an employment consultant. The resignation has an effective date foreseen in the CCNL. After the notice period, the worker is no longer required to respect working hours, and at the same time can engage with another employer.

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VAT refund The Agency requests a courtesy copy of the electronic invoice

VAT refund 2020, the taxpayers who have submitted the request for refund of credits relating to the 2019 tax year, are receiving a communication via pec from the Revenue Agency, containing a list of documents to be presented for the disbursement of the credit. The list contains the request for the documentation containing the proof of the credit validity, refunded. But, at the same time the Administration also asks for the courtesy copy relating to invoices (sale, purchase and receipts) of 2019. Yet, this is information already in the possession of the Revenue Agency, through the electronic procedure of last year.

To find out more, we recommend reading: VAT refunds 2020: The Revenue Agency is looking for a copy of the 2019 electronic invoice

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