Men and Women, Gemma Galgani from censorship: dressed as Eva Kant, she does this “little thing” on the pole. You are welcome?


The reason why the Throne Over of Men and women has become one of the most popular afternoon appointments on television, it mainly lies in the presence of Gemma Galgani. Which not only drives fans of the program crazy for the constant arguments with Tina Cipollari, but also for the provocative parades that show a woman who is not afraid to like herself and be appreciated even at a certain age. On the occasion of the Valentine’s Day parade, Gemma presented herself in a version Eva Kant with the rope and it has thrown the world of social media into a tailspin. Like? Improvising a sort of (unlikely) lap dance. A delusion, for the fun of the audience Maria De Filippi and Channel 5.

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