Matteo Salvini archives Umberto Bossi: “Is the nationalistic league a mistake? Numbers deny it”


Matteo Salvini don’t let the interview scratch you Umberto Bossi he released to Gad Lerner for Republic. “Criticizes the Nationalist league? I respect your ideas, but I don’t change mine “, Salvini’s reply to journalists at the end of the meeting with Nello Musumeci, president of the Sicily Region.

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Bossi had called nationalism “capable of destroying the party”, but Salvini replied thus: “The numbers say the exact opposite, that is that we have never been so strong in the northern regions and with great pride I say that we are decisive and present in all southern regions. The vote of Calabria last week testifies to this. We want to uniteif anyone wants to divide, it is not the moment nor the movement. “In short, Salvini proves once again that he has sent the old and dear Bossi to the attic for some time. And he also sends back to the sender any possible insinuation on his leadership: “It is not in question, a party that has 33% of the votes and the affection of millions of Italians I think responds with the facts”.

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