LIVE – Pensions: the strike in transport is little followed, while the reform arrives at the Assembly



The deputies in committee voted this Monday the legal retirement age established today at 62 years. It is, says the government, the age at which we can trigger our retirement rights.

But opposition MPs have pointed out, as since the beginning of the movement, the corollary of this legal starting age, namely the age of equilibrium, better known as the pivotal age, a metric that will determine the age at which we can leave without a discount.

“You propose unemployment or the discount,” thus lambasted the communist deputy Sébastien Jumel, when the right regretted that this notion was “a step back”. Note that, while Edouard Philippe had assured that this pivotal age would be 63, this age was not specified in the vote.

For the government, the equilibrium age should encourage people to work longer. While the employment rate of seniors raises fears that this possibility is paying a high price, the majority also voted article 24, supposed to facilitate the “transition” from employment to retirement, that is to say -to say the combination of an activity and retirement.

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