Lieberman to Yossi Dagan: “You have our eight fingers”




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        <div class="post_main_pic"><img src="" alt="Lieberman and Yossi Dagan: "יש לך את שמונה האצבעות שלנו"" width="650" height="331" />  (Photo: Roy Hadi)</p></div> <p>Samaria Regional Council Chairman Yossi Dagan hosted the Israeli Chairman of our House, MK Avigdor Lieberman, at Gilead Farm, as part of the struggle for sovereignty even before the elections.</p> <p>Dagan approached Lieberman about joining the right-wing government and applying sovereignty and told him: "We meet two years after the recognition of the Gilad farm, as a full-fledged settlement in the State of Israel, a step you lead in the government, as the Minister of Defense after the assassination of Rabbi Raziel Shev. Dear Yael is here with us, and we want to say thank you, for this immensely important and moral step, to strengthen the settlement precisely after the murder. "</p>    <p>Dagan addressed the Centennial Plan and told Lieberman: "We are deeply disturbed, and afraid of losing a historic opportunity, no matter if Jared Kushnir or anyone else says not to apply sovereignty and with all due respect even if President Trump says no, we have a government in Jerusalem, we are a democratic sovereign state. And the government should decide, just as Menachem Begin did in the past, with great leadership in deciding to apply the sovereignty of the Golan Heights, and as Eshkol in deciding to apply sovereignty to liberated Jerusalem. The government must decide on its own accord in Israel's interest and not surrender to outside dictates. Faced with a much less sympathetic US administration "And not in an election year, and we don't need the evangelical base, he did it and it's leadership and we expect Netanyahu to take that leadership step."</p> <div class="embed_post_container" id="416102">
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“We are afraid that there is a missed opportunity here. It is important at this time to make a clear statement of full sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria. We are very disturbed because we feel we are losing a historic opportunity. And another important thing to say: Out of respect and appreciation. There is a lot of debate On matters of religion and state, but in the end it is very important that after the elections be the right-wing government, it must be remembered that what brings more of the Gilad farms and another settlement is a true national government. Understanding and compromise with the ultra-Orthodox must be achieved.

<p>Lieberman replied to Dagan, saying: "In terms of political-political opportunity, Netanyahu currently has an absolute majority in the Knesset to apply sovereignty. Netanyahu has visited the valley and promised to apply sovereignty after the election. But he does not have to wait even one day. Now he has a guaranteed majority. A week before the elections, the camera law - he knew very well how to do it - we pledge that the government will have 8 fingers of "Israel our house," for every vote and every decision to apply sovereignty - to all localities. At the time, Menachem Begin passed the Golan Heights Law in three readings One day, but Netanyahu is just looking for excuses all the time why not do it, even after I instructed him We turned away Khan al-Ahmar, and the prime minister issued a written directive not to resort to the excuse that the International Criminal Court will rule against us.In the end, we did not evacuate Khan al-Ahmar nor did a decision by the ICC against us - we also ate the stinking fish and we were expelled from the city. Can pass the law of sovereignty tomorrow morning and we will support it. "</p>                

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