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The Apulians immediately scored with Deiola and Barak, in the second half the masterpiece of Falco and Lapadula on penalty. Never dangerous grenade

Toro is sinking. Speared four times by a Lecce at times spectacular, Mazzarri’s team puts the fourth k.o. consecutive, remaining in the dark tunnel of a crisis that goes far beyond the results and the lack of play. Still unsuccessful at home in this league – in 10 games, only 5 draws – Liverani’s lineup hadn’t won since 30 November (0-1 in Florence). Just in the most difficult moment due to the numerous absences, he knew how to react, dominating the challenge. The grenades undergo another mortification, in the last four matches they have scored 17 goals (only in this week 15 in 3 games), without ever being able to react, perhaps even to bring out pride. Lecce lengthens in the standings, taking three points ahead of Genoa, third last.


Liverani and Mazzarri have to make practically forced choices. Absent Dell’Orco by disqualification and Gabriel, Meccariello, Tachtsidis, Farias and Babacar due to injury, in Lecce they start from the Petriccione bench, not yet at their best after the ankle bruise, and Mancosu, for a flu attack the night before the race. Deiola is also back from a feverish state, but goes on the pitch and takes the place of play, between Majer and newcomer Barak. Confirmed the defensive outsiders Rispoli and Donati, it’s up to Saponara, also at his debut, to try to inspire Falco and Lapadula. Turin is also in full emergency and has to deal with the crisis of results, after the three consecutive defeats (in the league against Sassuolo and Atalanta, in the Italian cup against Milan). Mazzarri confirms the lineup in Milan, replacing Izzo and Lukic, disqualified in the championship, with Djidji and Meite.


Although they are in the first presence, the latest arrivals, Barak and Saponara, have exalted themselves since the start of the race. Lecce, a point in the last six games, starts with a high pace and after 19 minutes is already 2-0, thanks to two truly spectacular goals. At 11 ‘, from a corner kick (procured by a postponement by Djidji reshuffled by his teammate Bremer) Falco for Saponara, who serves outside the Deiola area, very good at threading Sirigu with a very powerful right. In the 19th minute, the Giallorossi doubled: on Majer’s cross, Djidji dismissed short of the head and Barak in the race hit the center with an unstoppable left for Sirigu. The Via del Mare applauds the team of Liverani, in which Deiola is the centerpiece in the midfield, soon in interdiction and precise in construction. Torino is annihilated, Mazzarri gets agitated on the bench, tries to shake his players. In vain, because Belotti remains isolated, always without supplies. Lost Verdi due to injury and with Millico in his place, the grenades, however, become dangerous only with Berenguer’s conclusions and are saved by Sirigu, quick to retort a turn under Lapadula’s goal. In the end of time, the referee Rocchi, supported by the assistant Mastrodonato and then also by the Var, cancels a goal at Turin: on a free kick by Belotti, deflected by the barrier, there is the decisive touch of De Silvestri, in an offside position .


In the second half Turin tries to organize a reaction, but the ideas remain confused and Belotti and his companions (with Edera taking over from Djidji) produce only a sterile round of the ball. Instead, Lecce, with Petriccione for Deiola, continues to attack. He goes to the Lapadula shot twice, then puts the Falco brand on it, with a splendid pearl: on 19 ‘, served by Saponara, he brings the ball to the right and from the edge puts Sirigu with a beautiful conclusion. Mazzarri also inserts Lyanco (instead of Rincon) but, changed the interpreters, the result does not change. Turin is impalpable, increasingly resigned to register another humiliation. The score became even heavier on 32 ‘, when Lapadula made 4-0 on a penalty, due to a foul committed by Bremer on Shakhov, who recently entered the place of Saponara.

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