Le Matin – “United by emotion”, official motto of the Tokyo-2020 Games


The organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games unveiled the competition’s motto, “United by emotion”, which they believe reflects “universal values” and the “unifying power of sport”.

“Crowds of spectators who did not know each other before the Games will come together and learn that there is more that unites them compared to what divides them,” said the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee, announcing the motto in a video. posted on the internet.

The official Olympic motto is “Citius, Altius, Fortius”, in Latin, “Faster, higher, stronger”, but each host city chooses its own slogan to accompany its edition.

In 2016, the Rio Olympics had for mantra “A new world”, and those of 2012 in London “Inspire a generation”.

In 2004, Athens chose “Welcome home”, in reference to the creation of the Games at Olympia.

The currency of Tokyo-2020 will be projected on the Skytree tower, whose summit at 634 meters overhangs the Japanese capital, indicated the organizers.

They assured Thursday that the opening ceremony, to be held on July 24, will not change date despite the coronavirus epidemic in China.

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