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Again, it all started from Twitter. Finally from Snapchat more precisely, before migrating to the bluebird network. Over the weekend, young rapper Koba LaD cracked a screenshot of this article (which was dated two years ago, too) in his story, as shown in the screen below:

We can see in the background an article relaying information about a father who killed his son because “that he was gay”. Above, handshake emojis and a “well done” added by the rapper and which can be translated as an approval for this violent act by Koba LaD. It didn’t take more for this screenshot to end up on Twitter, a much less confidential network. Quickly, the controversy swells and Koba posts a new awkward story to try to calm things down.

Koba LaD, currently on vacation in Morocco if we believe his social networks, says there is not “Homophobic” and don’t “endorse the screen that turns” on Twitter. Only, this meager press release is hardly convincing, and the rapper must therefore defend himself in a video posted on Snapchat, always. Serious error.

In this very hazardous video, he once again claims not to be homophobic. “Everyone for be, God for all”, he explains. “I do not condone the murder at all, nor the gay child”, he continues, pleading “a misunderstanding”. According to him, “it should be emphasized that yesterday’s screen” (from the article, note) was not done by him, even if he admits having shared it in his “Foncedée” (his high, editor’s note). Shortly thereafter, a new video.

He explains this time to be “badly expressed”, before declaring: “I don’t condone the murder. After the gay child frankly …” before reiterating his “everyone for be, God for all”. Explanations that are hard to convince – to say the least – since Koba is always on trend on Twitter and tweets condemning his behavior and his words are increasing.

To the point of even going beyond the framework of the social network since the Art Rock festival – where Koba LaD is planned this year – has already published a press release. “We are in contact with the Koba LaD team and are asking for explanations following its publication on Snapchat. The Art Rock festival strongly condemns homophobic remarks, and, more broadly, any hateful and discriminatory speech or behavior”, can we read.

Other festivals are currently following this approach. It remains to be seen what extent this controversy will reach, and the possible consequences on the career of the young prodigy of 91. But we can only advise the team of Koba LaD to now take care of his social networks, in which case the fall may be even faster than its already exceptional ascent.

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