Juventus: Allegri Massimiliano may return


The star is outraged at his team’s ability and disappointed as after the impeachment against Ajax last year. Coach snatches reviews: “Must wake up, the team lost identity, Dybala and Higwain look bad.” According to “La Republic,” the management is considering Petro

At this stage of the season last year, Juventus was already leading by an 11-point gap over Naples and was on the road to a lightweight championship. The bianconeri are pressed after The disappointing loss in Verona. “Mauricio Surrey, it’s time to wake up,” wrote in “Totosport” where Yuba’s weakness devoted the newspaper cover despite the huge match in the Milanese derby yesterday. “The coach must intervene and check what happens to players like Paulo DiBala, Gonsalu Higwain and Miralam Pianich.”
In Italy, Cristiano Ronaldo was reportedly outraged after the loss. “The anger starts again. If it was anger on a personal level, when it was exchanged against Milan and did not play as it wished, this time it is reminiscent of what happened after the impeachment against Ajax in the Champions League quarterfinals.” Ronaldo feels that Yuba is dysfunctional in recent cycles. It was also written about a team that has lost its ability to endure and absorb each game, and this is the hardest blow because the ability to fight has been one of its salient features. It is clear to everyone that there is a problem with Yuba’s approach. “Only technical superiority allows any team to win. Juventus must remember that.”

The coach has been criticized for saying “hope someone helps me” after the loss and seems to be referring to the veteran players who need to take on leaders like Giorgio Kailini who is soon to return to full fitness, Janloigi Buffon as well as Leonardo Bonucci. In a poll in Italy, 31.6% of voters blamed Sari for the bad time, compared to 14.5% who claimed the players were guilty. On the other hand, 39.1% think it is not a crisis.

It’s not just that. According to La Republic, Biova is seriously considering dismissing the coach after seven unsuccessful months and returning Massimiliano Allegri who left in the summer after five consecutive championships. It was said that the coach was not tempted to accept any offer from the Tzameret Club, although there were many and preferred a sabbatical. Allegri still gets a salary from Juventus of course.

In the last games, Sari chose to incorporate Douglas Costa to add a dimension of creativity. However, the Brazilian connection was again injured. Juventus breathed a sigh of relief that this was not a muscle injury and would probably qualify for the game against Lyon in 16 days. On the other hand, it is said that Costa is impossible to know. “He has shown over the years that his fragility is equal to his dribbling speed.” This season he has already missed 13 games due to injury. Yuba will meet Brescia in a home game, then host in the Safal and then this season’s match against Inter will come.

Allegri. Sewage earthquake? (AFP)

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