Inter, Marotta changes the championship. Never take Atalanta jewels after Gasp “cure”. Izzo, no! You too … Saturday lunch match in A? It would be an Italian flop



Is Eriksen at Inter the best winter hit of the past 10 years?

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Inter, Marotta changes the championship. Never take Atalanta jewels after Gasp

Who lost between Juventus and Marotta after last year’s farewell? Nobody. Inter simply gained it, which shortened the time of rebirth thanks to Beppe Marotta’s modus operandi, who points Lukaku and takes him, points Eriksen in January and takes him and does not hide if he has to throw the gauntlet against Juventus for the title race. An executive cannot change a league. It is probable but it can certainly address it and it is already a lot if it does no harm. Here we are faced with a concrete possibility of shortening the gap between Inter and Juventus, even if Antonio Conte does not agree very much with the line of the Italian press. Inter is not Juventus, we would miss him, but with every transfer market session he gets closer and closer. And in the end do you know what I tell you? If Marotta didn’t take the fourth tip, the last day of the market was good and not bad, given the names that circulated. Just what this team doesn’t need is doing … just to do. Today Conte is not at Juventus level, he will probably finish second, but think how he could further strengthen the Marotta squad at the next summer transfer market session. I also reiterate a concept already expressed: the true Nerazzurri fan should cheer Juve in the Champions League because, for the bianconeri, once this obsession has been put aside, the hypothesis of the end of the cycle with the dismantling of the current squad that would no longer be more and more likely stimuli to move forward in Turin. And Marotta would slip into that tunnel to further speed up the exponential growth of his club.
Taking inspiration from Sassuolo-Rome, where Mancini has made real disasters, we would have to make a consideration that we had for some time on the tip of the tongue: in Bergamo they are all phenomena, outside Bergamo they get lost. Is there a logical explanation? Partly not, but there would be half a reason: Bergamo is the ideal place to play football, with this club and with this coach. Everything works and the group always prevails over the individual. The guys who are in Bergamo are all valuable but the individual passage in the great team often pays for it. It is not the only case of Mancini who, so far, had had a good season but there are many examples that it would be useless to point out. Many, however, have been conditioned by injuries. See Conti and Caldara at Milan. Others never took off. Bonaventura, perhaps, a rare exception. Never take a player from Gasperini immediately after he did well the year before. Why? Gasperini wears them out, wears them down and when they leave Bergamo they need at least a year to rearrange everything and metabolize the transition. The Gasp method is very different from that of many other coaches.
Last week we also learned of news from the market of prosecutors and we have already expressed our thoughts live on Sportitalia. Concept that we reiterate in writing. It concerns the Turin defender Armando Izzo. A serious, polite, intelligent boy who made huge sacrifices to get where he got there. From Scampia to the National team, its history is like a heart book. Family difficulties and the strength to never give up. Discarded by the youth of Napoli, with Rastelli in Avellino he launched and highlighted before going to Genoa and then moving to Turin where he now earns 2.2 million euros thanks to a nice torn contract (not much stuff) in Urbano Cairo. Izzo is a very good boy and in these lines there are no accusations or false moralisms, however, we did not expect a change of agent from such a man who more than a change of agent is a change of second father. Given that in professional life everyone is free to make their own decisions. Farewell to Paolo Palermo to switch to Mino Raiola. No one doubts that Raiola is good, even if, for example, Bonaventura’s contract with Milan has not yet been renewed and the figures are the same as in Martorelli’s time. Izzo, however, no. Changing agent / father after he grew up not only football player of Scampia suggests that in this world everything really has a price. Armando has written beautiful pages in his history and we are sure that even if something an agent could have been wrong, the human factor in this case should never have been questioned.
Final curiosity: the Lega Calcio thinks, from the 2021-2024 call, of a lunch match also on Saturday and not only on Sunday. As we were in favor, not entirely but partially, at the Sunday game at lunchtime we say that it would be folly to let Serie A play on Saturday at lunchtime with Italian habits that not even football would be able to change. It would be another flop, media and spectators at the stadium. The difference between Saturday and Sunday, at that time, is abysmal. A father will never give up seeing his son playing on Saturday afternoon to go and see his favorite team. If only for not hearing the mother breaking. Then there is shopping, catechism and we add a thousand Saturday variables. Let’s avoid the mistake immediately, before making other messes like the early closure of last year’s transfer market to copy the English (now they are copying them) or the matches at Christmas. We are Italian and we want to remain Italian. With our flaws and our habits. – the transfer market site updated 24 hours a day

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