In the video .. A Saudi man cries to dismiss him from his job and the work is done



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A young university student from Jeddah Governorate did not find a way to confront his despotic manager, except by resorting to social media, so that he might find someone to support him, so that he is not dismissed from his work, which is in great need so that he can complete his studies.

Incident details:

An unidentified young man posted a video of him on the Twitter microblogging website, during which he talked about his tyrant manager, who gave him two warnings and threatened to give him the third warning and fire him from his work at Meed Trading Company in Jeddah.

In the video, the citizen added that he worked in this company for 6 years, and the manager who threatened him with dismissal only works 6 months ago, and threatens him with dismissal, as he threatened a number of his Saudi colleagues and bully them, while supporting foreigners.

The Saudi student continued crying that he was studying in the last semester of the university and needed that job, given that his father is retired and his mother is elderly, and he is responsible for taking care of them, demanding that his voice be communicated to the officials and that the injustice be lifted.

The Ministry of Labor is investigating the incident:

Thousands of tweeters interacted with the video, some of them supported the young man by speaking, stressing the need to support him to continue his work, and there are those who provided a job opportunity for him to help him in the troubles of life, to reach the video to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development officials, who immediately intervened and confirmed that they would investigate the incident.

The ministry published a tweet on its official account on the Twitter microblogging site, saying: “A reference to the section circulating in social media about the grievance of an employee from one of the companies, the ministry explains that the situation was identified by the inspection department and verification is being taken and taking the necessary measures.”

Thousands interact with him:

Among the tweeters was Abu Shalabi, who said: “cutting the neck and not cutting the livelihoods, the crossings and the sighs of the man cut the heart. Oh God, I seek refuge in you from the oppression of men.

Job opportunity with a higher salary:

One of the cup and protective products factories offered a job opportunity for the young man, and he announced this in a tweet in which he said: “Brother is a struggling person and he has 6 years experience in the company supposed to be honored, we offered you my honorable brother if you are in Riyadh we are happy to join the work team in our factory, according to the schedule available to you until Finish your university studies, and with a salary of 10% more than your current salary, you are proud of you.

Lawsuit and requests to investigate the incident:

A lawyer named Awad al-Harithi offered to sue the video owner and plead free.

Ali Muhammad Al-Madawsi stressed the necessity to investigate this incident by telling: “If this issue is not investigated, and also if the dismissal of the dismissed employee is proven, a case of bullying him should be filed, and the official should be stopped and interrogated. The country has regulations to deter these qualities and the like, if it is proven true The person’s words. ”

While the House of the South said: “Something cuts the heart when you are unjust, and there is no solution in your hand. Oh God, I seek refuge in you from the oppression of men, may God grant him a better job than it.”

Rafeef Al-Ghamdi tweeted, “This foreigner threatens the defeated citizen, and he says and reached them, where do you want, and where do the competent authorities do justice to this defeated citizen ?!”

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