Idlib crisis between Turkey and Russia! How is the weather in Moscow?


Here are the reviews of journalist KaƧmaz, who works in Russia, on the live broadcast:

In fact, we expected this meeting to take place earlier. Especially in such hot developments, there was not much result in the meeting of diplomats. This has been the case before. President Erdogan and Russian President Putin are leaders who can make some changes in their decisions. The dialogue between the two leaders is one step ahead in resolving crises even when the relations are at their most tense. Russia says that the situation in Idlib should be resolved in order to solve the problems in all regions in Syria. Most of us will be long border with Syria and the brunt of the wave of immigration may come here attracted Turkey. Turkey at all levels to continuously conveys the opinion of the Russian side on this issue.

The fact that no results could be obtained from the interviews made until now shows us; President Erdogan and the leader of Russia can only take initiative. We expect a result that will ease the region during the meeting to be held today.

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