Icardi, mission failed. Two episodes confirm it: “Even …”


The episodes that tell Icardi’s attitude towards Inter

Fans of theInter they have now elected en masse Romelu Lukaku as their new leader. The Belgian striker has succeeded in what Icardi He never knew how to do it: conquer all the Nerazzurri people. Also because, as reported by Corriere dello Sport, the Argentine striker has always considered the club as ‘something of his’, almost as a personal property. The newspaper writes:

In short, there is enough to self-crown. Icardi had never done it, but in essence he considered Inter as something of his own. And that’s why he reacted by calling out when, a year ago (it was February 13), he was taken off the captain’s armband. But also because until the last day of the summer market he tried to make barricades in order not to go away. For the club but also for the Nerazzurri people, after the events of last season, it was already a closed chapter. But a successor was needed. And there could hardly have been a better choice than Lukaku. Like Maurito, at the beginning, he had his admirers, but also those who were not convinced of his means and qualities. Well, if for the Argentine there has always been a hard core of opposites, now the anti-Lukaku must be sought with the lantern. And it is not said that they are still found …“.

(Source: Corriere dello Sport)




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