“I don’t care about his great career!”


As he deplored in his column on Saturday, Michel Bergeron does not understand why the NHL’s Player Safety Department didn’t crack down harder on Zdeno Chara.

Boston Bruins captain on Wednesday Brendan Gallagher double-necked, Montreal Canadiens. If the two players were punished for the game, the Slovakian was fined $ 5,000 for his action.

See the “Sans filet” segment with Michel Bergeron in the video above.

But for Michel Bergeron, this sanction is insufficient given the consequences that his victim could have suffered.

“A fine of $ 5,000 is ridiculous! This guy should have been suspended five to 10 games! But George Parros surely judged that it was not worth more, “he said point blank at the first intermission of Saturday’s meeting between the CH and the Dallas Stars, at TVA Sports.

The contrast between Gallagher and Chara is reminiscent of a David confrontation against Goliath. A small player who stands up to a tower. Chara has often acted on the spur of the moment, even though he is one of the most impressive builders in the league.

“So let’s see! A 250 pound guy hitting that way? He’s the same player who won an ovation at the Bell Center this year for his 1,500 games.

When host Louis Jean reminded him that Chara still achieved an exceptional feat by reaching this plateau, the ex-coach of the Nordiques de Québec refused to hear anything.

“I don’t care about his great career,” he said. He is the second Canadiens player he could have seriously injured after Max Pacioretty. ”

Finally, for the “Tiger”, the senior vice-president of NHL hockey operations has more weight in decisions related to sanctions.

“There is always a connection to Collin Campbell somewhere. Her son played for the Bruins. It is above Parros. ”

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