“I called Conte, here’s the letter”





Coronavirus, Salvini: I called Conte, here is the letter

As promised, I phoned President Conte a few minutes ago to announce the letter with the proposals of the League to protect families, workers, businesses, traders, craftsmen and VAT numbers. “Matteo Salvini writes on Fb.” It is essential that from today onwards, unlike what happened in the past weeks, nobody underestimates the extent of the economic and social consequences of the Coronavirus emergency for the whole country “.” The “Lega’s proposals” also arise from days of listening to the production categories of all Italy, which we count can be useful and are evaluated without any prejudice “, underlines the League leader. letter with the proposals, which Conte invited to send also by email, was published by Salvini himself on facebook.

This is the full text: “Dear President, in the annex I transmit to your attention and to the whole government for you through a series of requests for urgent interventions in the socio-economic field, to be implemented to deal with the negative effects on the production cycle of the country with particular reference to the areas most affected by the emergency. I would like to say that I consider it absolutely a priority that the Italian government obtain a meeting with the President of the European Commission and with the Commissioners with economic powers to ask that all the measures taken by Parliament to face the Coronavirus emergency are excluded from the constraints of the Community budget. This request is necessary to facilitate the creation of an extraordinary fund of at least 10 billion euros on which to calculate all the necessary measures. It is important, now, to provide for a period of FREE TAX ZONE for all areas most affected by the economic fallout denied ve that are not exclusively the red areas: this measure will serve to facilitate economic recovery at the end of the emergency. I would like to point out that economic refreshment measures are necessary and urgent in favor of the national tourism system and cultural activities (theaters, cinemas, museums) severely compromised by the alarming news circulating not only nationally but also internationally about the danger of contagion in Italy . A concrete commitment is also necessary to support agricultural production, which is heavily damaged throughout its supply chain. I would like to point out that the initiatives for the suspension of tax obligations implemented by your government exclusively for the “red areas” are not absolutely sufficient: I ask you to evaluate an immediate provision not for suspension but for exemption from paying all social security charges and taxes paid by production activities damaged by the emergency. Also not to be forgotten are the repercussions on the household economy of families and in particular with regard to the suspension of school activities. I refer both to the need to help parents who work and are forced to rely on third parties (with relative financial outlay), and to the need to guarantee the complete and effective development of the educational program. Thanking you for your attention, I assure you now of our full support for all these concrete initiatives if the government decides to implement them. It is important not to underestimate the extent of the negative economic repercussions generated by the emergency, as happened for the initial stages of the contagion, and to act promptly to put in place everything that an important country like Italy is able to do to support the their businesses and citizens. The world, dear President, is looking at us: I am sure that Italy – if we act with courage and common sense – will be able to rise stronger than before. Good job. Matteo Salvini “.

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