High School Beyza lost her life in front of her parents!


Beyza Aygül, a 2nd grade student at Efeler Anatolian High School, returned to Aydın with her mother Nürüvet Aygül around 09:00 around her relatives in Bilecik where she went for a semester break.

According to the report of DHA, Nürüvet Aygül started waiting for his wife Ali Aygül, who will go out of the bus station with his daughter and come to pick them up on the Aydın-Muğla highway.

After seeing his father, who came with his car after a while, Beyza Aygül wanted to cross the road. However, at the same time, 09 HG 824 license plate car led by Şakir Çiçek heading from Aydın to Muğla, hit Beyza Aygül. The automobile took Beyza Aygül under and dragged it about 3 meters. Aygül couple, who struck a car in front of their eyes, had a nervous breakdown.

Upon the notification, the police and medical team were dispatched to the accident site. It was determined that Beyza Aygül died in the control made by the medical team.

After the investigation at the accident site, Aygül’s lifeless body was removed to the morgue of Aydın Adnan Menderes University Practice and Research Hospital for autopsy.

Car driver Şakir Çiçek, who was detained, was taken to the police station.

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