He makes a cut on his hand with the paper from the boxes and risks dying: that’s why


It makes a cut on the hand with the paper is contract severe sepsis. Heather Hartbottle would never have thought that a simple cut on her finger with a piece of paper could endanger her life and instead it went like this. The 49-year-old woman from Hawaii scratched herself with the paper and noticed that her hand had swollen but thought that it would disappear by itself after a few days.Read also> The parents believe he has only the flu, a 2 year old girl dies from sepsis

After a few hours her condition plummeted, so, as reported by the Sun, she ran to the hospital. Doctors immediately diagnosed sepsis and that the bacteria had already spread along the arm. A very serious situation that could have even killed her. Heather had to undergo numerous operations, facing many difficulties, but in the end she managed to get better and survive.

Today he has chosen to tell his story to alert anyone not to underestimate some signs when it hurts. It all started with a move, during which she had injured herself with a box. In the middle of the night she woke up with unbearable pain in her hand and noticed that it was swollen. She waited a few hours, but when she saw that her fever had risen and her worsened hand went to the hospital.

Doctors subjected her to antibiotic therapy and also thought that her hand could be amputated if her condition had not improved. Since she reacted to the therapies, she was transferred and underwent numerous and painful interventions until the hand was healed. He still has to undergo tests, but doctors are optimistic.

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