Harry and Megan fired all their staff from the palace


Come on, to the unemployment bureau. Megan Merkel and Prince Harry (Photo: Gettyimages)Come on, to the unemployment bureau. Megan Merkel and Prince HarryPhoto: Gettyimages

One month afterPrince Harry andMegan Merkel Have announced that they intend to retire from their position as senior members of the royal family
– And the dramas keep happening. The Daily Mail website reports that the Duke of Sussex has fired their 15 UK staff. “This is a very difficult time for the most loyal people who worked in the palace,” an anonymous source told the site.

The Duke of Sussex is reported to have personally informed the staff of the layoffs as early as January, indicating that they do not intend to return to the UK any time soon. And while maybe one or two of the dismissed crew members will be re-admitted, again, to work in the palace – the others are likely to find themselves outside. “Given that they have decided to step back, Harry and Megan no longer have an office in Buckingham Palace,” an insider told the site, adding: “There are many efforts to re-employ staff and give them jobs in the palace, but unfortunately there will be layoffs.”

Relentless (Photo: Dominic Lipinski, AP)RelentlessPhoto by Dominic Lipinski, AP

Of those who found themselves unemployed can be found the personal secretary of the dukes, the lady Fiona Millholham, Director of communications and public relations for the two, Sarah Tamam, Who worked at the time for Barack Obama and was also the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, The hub Clara Lucran, Who worked for Harry’s side for many years, because she was considered a “very beautiful woman” who gave Megan the stranger on her wedding day.

Also, the dismissal also included the Marnie Gaffney, Who was Latham’s secretary, communications director, and even appointed by me Queen Elizabeth To a company in the Victorian Royal Order because of its dedicated service. Buckingham Palace has yet to make an official announcement, but insiders have reported that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles And the rest of the family is aware of the wave of layoffs.

“Don’t forget to pay them compensation”Photo: Gettyimages

“It’s a very loyal team and even now, after the layoffs, the staff understand and respect Harry and Megan’s decision. These are very close people and they all support each other.

In conclusion, the source said: “A large part of the team worked with Harry long before his marriage to Megan. These are good, brilliant and professional people.

Very much on them, “while another source added that Harry and Megan’s decision to employ a team of American agents, many of whom had worked for Merkel in the past – when she was an actress, made it very difficult for staff from the palace. Businessman Shiraz Hassan, in whose office large and well-known clients are represented Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, Zandaya And more. The dismissed crew are expected to leave the palace at the end of March.

On March 7, the Duke of Sussex is expected to return to the UK in favor of the Mountbatten Festival, so Prince Harry’s final appearance will be as captain of the Royal Marine Corps.

Handing out recommendations on Sunday - Wednesday (Photo: Gettyimages)

Make recommendations on SundaysPhoto: Gettyimages

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