Giuseppe Conte, the background: “Let us not be blackmailed. We face Renzi with an open face”


The frictions between do not subside Italia Viva and the government on the Bonafede reform, in particular on the contested point of the prescription. Matteo Renzi he threatened the government crisis, ensuring that his will not vote on the proposal on justice that came out of an agreement between M5s, Pd and Leu. The government’s activity, as widely predicted, hangs on Renzi’s diktats, whose votes in Parliament are decisive. This situation is irritating, and not a little, the prime minister Giuseppe Conte, who has no intention of giving in to the intransigence of the leader of Italia Viva.

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In the paper edition of Tuesday 11 February, the Corriere della Sera reports a series of grumbling by Prime Minister Conte. “We cannot be blackmailed, it is better to face things openly”, he would have said referring to Matteo Renzi. Conte would also like to invite the “enemy in the house” to come out of the closet: “If Renzi really wants to break, take responsibility for it.” While at the majority table called “Agenda 2023” a hard outlet would have been staged: “We are paradoxical, here we work day and night to relaunch the action of the executive and instead there are those threatens the crisis […] the one who (Renzi) is looking for headlines and provocations. “In the days when Renzi threatened the individual distrust against the Guardiasigilli Alfonso Bonafede, Prime Minister Conte will almost certainly assume the defense of his minister, with the aim of not giving it up to Renzi and not being dictated by the agenda.

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