Gattuso: “In Mexico they declared war on me!”, The answer detonates the press room


Gennaro Gattuso at the press conference blew up the Castel Volturno press room crowded with Neapolitan journalists with laughter.

Gennaro Gattuso, at a press conference, on the minimal employment of Hirving Lozano and on the controversies that broke out in Mexico, he gave a response that blew up the journalists present in the press room of Castel Volturno: “They declared war on me because Lozano do not play? Well, what should I do. It means that I won’t go to Mexico anymore. Elmas? It does not surprise me. You know, because I talk to him every day, that he has to improve and learn to stay in the field. He gives too many empty runs but I was surprised by his technique, not his strength “.

Then on new purchases: “Demme? It is as important as Lobotka, I like Slovak very much even if it has to grow physically. Demme is a player who does many kilometers and gives us balance. It is very important but I also expect a lot from Lobotka. We have to be good at giving him minutes. I am giving very little space to Llorente. He is a great professional who makes himself available, he would deserve much more. You speak only of Lozano because it cost 50 million. The choices I make based on how I want to play but I have to put everyone in the ideal conditions to express themselves in the best way “.

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