FRONT PAGE THE MORNING – Buffon, the hug. Valeri’s gesture at the end of the race did not escape


The Juventus goalkeeper’s gesture towards the referee Valeri did not go unnoticed and not the first time he does so.

The newspaper The morning, in today’s edition February 15, 2020, on the front page dedicates space to Gigi Buffon, goalkeeper of the Juventus, defining it “The abbracciarbitri”. On the net, in fact, in the last hours all we are talking about is the gesture of the black and white defender who, at the end of the game, after AC Milan-Juventus, the Italian Cup semi-final, first leg, embraced the referee Valeri, much contested, among other things, for conceding a penalty to the bianconeri in the 90th minute, then transformed by Ronaldo.

It is not the first time that Buffon indulges in such attitudes which for many are an expression of a great sense of sportiness and closeness to the referees who, like footballers, during each game have many responsibilities in relation to the outcome meeting; for others, however, it is a completely avoidable way of doing to avoid rumors and rumors especially because an arbiter is a bit like a magistrate in a trial and embracing him lends itself to countless interpretations.

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