From the next planet – to the beacon ceremony


Ella Lahav and Orr Amrami Brockman did not represent Israel in the Eurovision, but will appear in an equally important event – the two were chosen to perform at the central show marking 72 years of independence for Israel, at the ceremony at Mount Herzl, hosted by Guy Hazaretz and Esther Rada. That’s how it was published in Israel today.

The two became known as prominent contenders at the beginning of the “Next Star for Eurovision” program, and continued on to the finals, where they were ousted in favor of Eden Elena who was chosen to represent Israel in the competition. Blade came in second, and Amrami-Brockman settled for third.

The main theme chosen this year for the ceremony is “Connections in Israeli Society”. At the heart of it is the idea that Israeli society is made up of a variety of Israelis and Israelis with different backgrounds, different cultures and perceptions. This mosaic is part of the secret magic of the State of Israel, and the connection between its various parts ensures its security and prosperity in the years to come. From this concept, the two were chosen to perform at the ceremony, as expressing the same special essays.

The next star final for Eurovision
The next star final for EurovisionPhoto by Shlomi Cohen, Flash 90

The Ministry of Culture and Sports reportedly saw the status the two had earned, when youth stars became lightning fast, and managed to drag many children behind them because of their fascinating life story and talent. There, they found it appropriate to connect the young generation in Israel to the state ceremony, which manages to unify and consolidate Israeli society around it.

The ministerial committee found that the appearance of Amrami and Lahav at the ceremony was part of the required connection between the present and future generations and an expression of the deep connection between the generations, which is a solid foundation for the company’s strength. Orr’s personal story, according to committee members, is also found to represent the complexity and power of a variety of Israeli societies: Orr is a native of Ukraine who was abandoned after his birth by his parents. At the age of one and a half a proud couple adopted him and gave him a warm and loving home. His complex personal story and his talents have greatly moved Israeli society and touched the hearts of many.

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