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The straw that broke the camel. The Franco-Malian striker from Porto Moussa Marega has, like too many sportsmen, been the victim of racism in a stadium. While attacking Vitoria Guimaraes with his Porto team for the 21st day of the championship, the attacker was the target of racist shouts. Scorer in the 60th minute, the Malian international exploded 10 minutes later following the discrimination suffered.

Out of his mind, he addressed fingers of honor to the supporters as he made his way to the tunnel leading to the dressing room. Despite the attempts of his teammates and his staff to get him to resume play, he did not change his mind. Former player of Vitoria Guimaeres (2016-2017), the Malian international striker, born in Ulis (suburb of Paris), entered the tunnel leading to the locker room, pointing his two thumbs down in disapproval towards the stands from the Guimaeres stadium. Wilson Manafa finished the game for him. His trainer, Sergio Conceçao was also seen reprimanding the stands where the insults started.

“I would just like to say to these idiots who come to the stadium to launch racist cries … go make yourself f ….. And I also thank the referees for not having protected me and for giving me a card yellow because I’m defending my skin color, ”Moussa Marega wrote on her Instagram account that evening, with emoticons representing the fingers of honor. “I hope I will never see you again on a football field!” You are a shame! ”Added the insulted player, in capital letters.

“We are completely outraged by what has happened. We know the passion that exists at Vitoria and I think that most fans do not recognize themselves in the attitude of some people who insulted Moussa from the warm-up, “said Sérgio Conceição, Porto coach, after the “We are a family, regardless of nationality, skin or hair color. We are all human, we deserve respect. What has happened here is lamentable, ”he added.

The coach also posted a photo on his social media, with the following message: “We are all Moussa”. Vitoria Guimaraes and the Portuguese football federation have not yet reacted to this scandal. As support, Sporting Portugal has already issued a press release to support the player and “repudiate any act of racism or social prejudice”.

Created: 02.16.2020, 10:07 p.m.


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