Fimmi sells a gas station in Holon


ESO Energy, controlled by the Fimi Foundation and Tomer Levy, sells one of the largest and most important refueling stations in the country, Gates of Holon, for NIS 68 million.

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The station, known as Calcalist, is being sold to Coco Ovadia, owner of the Mica refueling network, which together with subsidiaries such as Enlighten Eli Levy operates more than 80 stations in Israel. Ovadia, a 70-year-old resident of Savyon, is almost unknown to the general public, despite the extent of his assets. He also owns a fleet of fuel trucks, and his business is incorporated into about 25 companies under the parent company K-Group. Apart from fuel, he has, among other things, also real estate business, earthworks and travel agency.

Its employees, who have wanted to purchase the station for a long time, will make the Holon gates into the Mika network flagship station. The station covers 4 dunams at the entrance to Holon, sells more than a million liters of fuel a month, and includes 900 square meters of commercial space. Tenants include the Tiv Taste chain, the Burger Saloon burger chain and Coffee Joe.

Yishai Davidi Yishai Davidi Photo: Amit Shel

In December 2017, Phimi, managed by Yishai Davidi, paid NIS 90 million for 50% of the shares in the USSO Energy Express, which it acquired from the company’s founder and CEO Tomer Levy.

As part of its improvement process, SSOs chose to concentrate on its core of operations, refueling for heavy equipment nationwide, and therefore sold the station. Two months ago, a sub-lease gave Doron another gas station that operated a rental in Dimona.

SS purchased the Holon Gates Station in 2017 for NIS 54 million from an older couple who inherited it in 1961. The acquisition was made six months before the entry of Fimi Las Vegas, and the fund is the one that led the decision to sell the station, in light of the fact Shapimi is not real estate-focused. SSO, which has invested an additional NIS 2 million in the station, has a profit of more than 20% on its investment, and a larger profit if included in the leverage transaction.

In December, it was announced that the Competition Authority is considering fining the USSO for NIS 8 million, on suspicion that it has worked to make it more difficult to refuel the heavy vehicles in the field. It was also reported that the authority is considering imposing a fine of NIS 400,000, subject to a hearing, on an officer in the company, apparently Levy. The suspicion concerns the period before the introduction of the Fimi Las Vegas Foundation. The company owns it monopoly In the field of fuel refueling. The service is usually provided to building contractors, infrastructure and earthworks, who are required to refuel their mechanical engineering equipment in the field – through tankers that reach the work sites.

Representative Eyal Bar-Kama, represented in the deal, is represented by Attorney Adi Krivoshi Sodri and Ronit Zahoboy.

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