FIFA: Arsene Wenger wants to rewrite the rule of offside in order to put an end to the controversies on the VAR – Foot – FIFA


You sometimes have offsides for a few centimeters. About the size of a nose. So I honestly think it’s time to change this rule so that we can’t find ourselves in the situation of saying that a player is out of the game because his nose sticks out, he argues. Can you really mark with your nose? Instead, you will not be flagged offside if any part of the player’s body is in line with the last defender. And yet, he can mark with this part of his body. So it is high time to change this rule.

Wenger wants former players behind VAR screens

The former Gunners also wants FIFA to make other changes to calm the supporters, sometimes irritated by the many controversies caused by the VAR. The Alsatian indeed wants that ” stadiums in all major leagues are required to install large screens to help fans understand the decisions made by the VAR.

Also during this ceremony in Berlin, he said: ” At the moment, in the first period when we used this technology, there are not enough VAR specialists who can cover all the weekend matches. ┬╗Will the Frenchman be heard?

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