Federica Pellegrini, the photo is very sweet but one detail scares the fans (PHOTO)


Federica Pellegrini
Federica Pellegrini

Federica Pellegrini and the road trip in the USA: the photo that arouses different feelings

Federica Pellegrini the road trip of the United States of America will begin. The swimming champion will soon start an adventure that begins in Phoenix, Arizona and who wants to share with the many fans she has on social networks.

He took a shot inside a car: the swimmer with sunglasses, a suit, let it be known that she is going on an adventure to discover the United States of America. Together with a giant bear holding a heart on which “Love” is written, this journey begins with the aim of having fun.

The swimming champion has received many comments and I like her followers. After all, every time you publish something on social networks it immediately receives a lot of consent, I like it and many positive comments.

Federica Pellegrino warned by her fans

In addition to the positive comments, there is also someone who has pointed out the not exactly optimal behaviors for her visible in the photo. Some fans, in fact, say that in photography he shows himself with his feet on the dashboard and this thing is certainly not a correct behavior. In fact, according to someone who commented on social media, he could unintentionally trigger the airbag.

Others said that even in dialect it was better not to do this because it could be dangerous for his safety. In short, an excess of caution for the swimmer.

Another question that the fans asked was: who took the picture? In fact, the certainty is that it is not a selfie and therefore someone thinks that behind the cell phone that took the photo there is Matteo Giunta. Meanwhile, the post has reached about 27,000 likes. The champion did not reveal who she was with.

The controversy over the death of Kobe Bryant

In recent days Federica Pellegrini had made talk about himself even on the death of his friend and basketball champion Kobe Bryant. The newspapers hadn’t given much attention to the news. According to her, in the sports newspapers it was necessary to give further visibility to this very important news also for the world of sport.

In fact, on social networks the beautiful Federica had commented saying that in Italy sports newspapers are not real sports newspapers and they should be ashamed of how they treated the news of the tragic disappearance of Kobe Bryant.

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