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Oded Gas, who became the most famous refuse in Israel, landed in Israel on Tuesday (Tuesday) and was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport upon landing. This morning will be brought to an extension of detention.

About four years ago, C, the same gas anchor, published a post on social networks containing the decision of the rabbinical court to exclude the public because of his stubborn refusal to give her a divorce.

The post actually published the rabbinical court’s decision to shun it, and through ‘Rabbinate Tam’ exclusion became a shaming and an extensive public campaign. Following the publication, Gas was ousted from his position as Dr. of Physics at the University and will be ousted from his community in Raanana.

After a few months, gas escaped and escaped from Israel in disguise and false identity, while forging a passport and vowing authority. After about six months, he was spotted in Belgium by investigators of the Agonot wing under the direction of the rabbinical courts, and was arrested in collaboration between Interpol and the Israeli police.

The International Department of the State Attorney’s Office has asked for his extradition to be sentenced for offenses he had previously been convicted of for fleeing, as well as for prosecution for criminal offenses he had committed while leaving Israel illegally. His extradition was not requested for the mere refusal of the divorce.

At the same time and in order to provide a safety net for women’s liberty – the composition of the rabbinical court in Haifa led by Rabbi Avraham Meir Shlomo, Rabbi Daniel Edri and Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Hazan in discussions regarding the marriage’s validity. After lengthy discussions, testimonies, opinions and reviews Professionalism – A very rare step was taken to “cancel the couple’s sanctification of gas and allow the woman out of her virginity.” Meaning: “Her status is a single marriage she has never married.”

The ruling relied on the hands of the great rabbis in the field. “This ruling proves once again that the Tribunal is using all the means at its disposal – both operational and halakhic, and leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to bring relief to the courts,” said Rabbinical Court Chief Rabbi David Malka.

About two weeks ago, C married someone who had been miserable for years to another person. It may be that this step has “broken” Oded Gas to decide to extradite itself to Israel. The man landed at Ben-Gurion Airport last night and was arrested when he got off the plane. As mentioned, during the day a judge will be brought to hear his case.

Director of the Agonot Division headed by Rabbinical Courts Rabbi Eliyahu Maimon said: “The rabbinical courts do not compromise the determined fight against the phenomenon of divorce. The return of gas to Israel and its arrest at Ben Gurion convey a message to all those who refuse to divorce – you will not be able to evade justice. Gas has suffered over the past four years from detaching his family and children, failing in his mission to prevent a new life from his wife, and will even face trial and will face imprisonment for forging a passport and using a false identity, and perhaps even an elephant proceeding for divorce. ”

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