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Florence, 17 February 2020 – Caramba, so lucky. But what does the lucky format of the blonde Raffaella Carrà have to do with the crimes of the monster of Florence? It has to do, it has to do. In the investigation documents on the double murders that bloodied Florence between 1968 and 1985, crimes signed by the same gun, a 22 caliber never found, there was a fax that Rai sent to the Florence prosecutor.

It is September of 1998. The authors of the program, hunting for characters kissed by a sudden good fortune, could not fail to be attracted to the history of the current suspect for the murders, Giampiero Vigilanti, which appeared in the chronicles at that time. This is the legacy of the “uncle of America”. The former Prato legionary, found in November 1994 with 176 Winchester H series bullets (the same used in the murders) and medically approached the serial killer’s crimes, tells the newspapers that thanks to that ‘notoriety’, a relative has shown up who lives in the United States to let him know that when he dies he will leave him a treasure.

Today, the history of the legacy is a hoax also ascertained by the Carabinieri del Ros. It remains to be seen whether that exit hid something or was simply one of the many peaks of narcissism that still characterize the ex-legionnaire, still almost 90 years old. But when that fax came to the prosecutor’s office, with which Rai asked for a sort of “green light” to the character’s invitation, the prosecutor Paolo Canessa asked Sam for information on Vigilanti. Michele Giuttari replied in person: he remembered the search in 1994 and the H series cartridges, but in that communication there was no trace of the previous search in 1985 by the Carabinieri of Prato, the one in which the newspapers relating to the crimes were found since 1974 Sam also attached another note to the memo. This had been drawn up 4 years earlier, precisely in conjunction with the seizure of bullets equal to those of the monster. There is written that Vigilanti “was at the time included in a list of ‘suspects’ to be searched in the event of a double murder possibly occurring after that of 1985 in Scopeti. This list was compiled on the basis of the consideration that there was a group of subjects who, in some way, had been informed that investigations were being carried out against them through testimonial examinations, house searches or other “.

It is a list of 82 people, drawn up in 1989, never finished in the trial proceedings and different from the list of 38 of 1986, perhaps still kept in the archive of the late Sam but known only to a very small group of experts. If there had been a new crime, Sam would first have gone to look for these 82. But there was no need, because the crimes, as you know, ceased. The names had been selected, says the note, “based on the logical criterion that the ‘monster’ could have committed a new crime in 1986 if not disturbed by something. In this list, in addition to the name of Vigilanti, that of Pacciani appeared “. Today, the investigators engaged in the investigation that the prosecutor Luca Turco inherited from his colleague Paolo Canessa, in light of the clues that have emerged many years later, wonder why the Vigilanti track was totally abandoned.
And the statements that the criminologist Francesco Bruno (first SISDE consultant, and defense consultant for the investigated Pacciani then) were made “in omission” in 2001 after he also underwent a search. Statements recently reiterated in an interview with the documentary maker Paolo Cochi. Bruno spoke of having received a report from a person, both with a letter and with a phone call, indicating a “possible monster” who owned a red sports car with which he raced on the Mugello circuit until 1985.
Vigilantes he owned a Lancia Flavia very similar to this described car. And to pm Canessa the former legionary spontaneously reported that he was going to ride on that track with that car.
“Who informed Bruno? Where’s the letter?”, The lawyer Vieri Adriani, representative of the French victims of 1985 who today is in view of the hearing of March 12 is implementing his opposition to the archiving with the latest elements emerging . In that 2001 report, the criminologist reported that the report of the “pilot” red car was confiscated in that search. But in the seizure reports there is not. The detail of the report is also omitted in the information to the prosecutor with whom Giuttari accompanies the report of Bruno’s statements.
Dalla Carrà, Vigilanti will never go. And the inheritance doesn’t seem to have pocketed it. But the investigation into him in the hot years never went deep. Carramba, what luck!

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