Duplantis set another world record by jumping in the pole


Armand Duplantis (Photo: gettyimages)Armand Duplantis and the Check(Photo: gettyimages)

Don’t stop. Exactly a week ago, 20-year-old pole vaulter Armand Duplantis, who won the silver medal at the World Championships, broke the world record
Of Renault to Abilani and set 6.17 meters in Poland. Today (Saturday) in another competition in the courtroom – this time in Glasgow – the Swedish superstar did it again and inched its peak (on the way to 6.18m). crazy.

“There was tremendous energy from the audience,” Xian told the world at the end. “And that excited me.” In addition to the record, Duplantis will also receive a $ 30,000 cash prize. The best result outside the hall was the legendary Sergei Bobka in 1994 – 6.14 meters, a record that lasted 20 years and is considered one of the most difficult in breaking athletics. By the way, Duplantis’s progress is reminiscent of Bobka’s, who from 1988-1994 almost constantly improved the world record by one inch.

Armand Duplantis (Photo: Reuters)Armand Duplantis celebrates the new record(Photo: Reuters)

Watch the pinnacle of the New World

Doplantis was born to a jumping father in an American pole, Greg, and an athletic mother who competed in the 7th, Swedish Helena. They settled in Lafayette, Louisiana. Thanks to his father’s career, Armand became acquainted with the pole at the age of 4. And he was very serious back then.

When his friends in the early years of school were passionate about pasting pictures of sports stars on albums, Hildon has repeatedly run videos with the bouncy greats and analyzed them. He also started jumping in the home garden. Although he thought Armand was too young, the father decided to line up with the boy and bought him a mattress to be safe from his jumps. At 10, he was already acting like a pro and smashing every possible record for his age when it turned out that was just the beginning for him.

Armand Duplantis (Photo: gettyimages)The photographers just want to take a picture of Xian world(Photo: gettyimages)


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