Due to the Corona: Chairman of the Association of Public Physicians Hagai Levin vs. Litzman


Senior health system official against Litzman: “Acting in the Corona crisis for media reasons”
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Chairman of the Public Health Doctors’ Association strongly criticizes the behavior of Minister of Health Jacob Litzman in managing the corona crisis. Good judgment. This was after the decision to bring the Israelis back from the “Corona ship” in Japan, one of which has the virus.

The decision to bring Israelis back from the Corona Ship in Japan was due to the fact that it was a high-profile media event, and was made in the light of the election period – and not by a proper discretionary procedure. This, after it was found that one of the passengers returned to the country was infected with the virus.

Levin, a senior physician at Hadassah Medical Center and a professor of epidemiology at the Hebrew University, told Walla on Friday! NEWS that “when a dangerous infectious disease outbreak occurs, It is essential to make decisions based on the best scientific evidence, and in accordance with the principles of public health, in an orderly process, which is led by the same public health professionals and not political or other parties.“.

“Excessive emphasis must be placed on political and media considerations in preparing for the new Corona virus, especially in the sensitive period before the elections.”

This is the first time a senior health official has come out openly against the Health Ministry’s actions to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Many experts also agree with this criticism, but they are afraid to express their views for fear of harassment on the part of the minister.

He said, “Exaggerated emphasis should be placed on political and media considerations in preparing for the new Corona virus, especially in the pre-election period. This is especially so when deliberate public voices from the field and academia are being made in the process of preparing for Corona and other public health events.” One or the other decision is correct because mistakes can be made in understanding. The question is whether the process is correct. ”

Levin continued to criticize Litzman, saying “It is unfortunate that the Minister of Health’s attention is directed to high-profile media events such as Israelis returning from the ship in Japan, while critical issues in the public health system we have addressed are not addressed.“.

Dr. Levin added that in his actions, Litzman neglected the proper procedure under which the health system should be conducted for public credit. “The role of the Minister of Health is not to be an ‘extreme marker’ as he expressed in one of the weekend’s interviews, But to follow a careful and cautious policy in accordance with the recommendations of the public health professionals, Neither complacency nor panic, “he said.

The Chairman of the Association of Public Health Doctors is the most senior figure in the health system in the management of the specialization in public health, and he works under the Medical Association in Israel (the OIG). His decisions and opinion bear a heavy weight on the behavior of doctors for public health, and he represents them on behalf of the Ministry of Health with the Ministry of Health and various medical institutions. His approach to managing the corona crisis is critical, since this is an issue that is at the heart of his area of ​​expertise.

Levin’s remarks come on the back of his statement today on Twitter by Health Secretary Moshe Barr a good sign that the Ministry of Health’s decision to return the suspected Israelis in Corona home was considered responsible – despite the discovery that one of the incidents was infected with the dangerous virus. The Israelis returned, knowing that the first patient might be from the group. In retrospect, we are sure we have made the right decision. Their entry into the country was well managed thanks to all the process partners in the office, MDA and, of course, the Sheba hospital, ”tweeted Bar Good.

Non-coverage promises

Since January, the Ministry of Health has begun to develop an action plan to prevent the virus from entering and preventing its outbreak in Israel. Thus, almost daily, the ministry decided on new actions or restrictions – from recommending not eating in markets in Wuhan city, the focus of the outbreak of the virus, to the recent decision that anyone returning from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Thailand is required to enter a two-week isolation.

You can be impressed by the Ministry of Health’s dexterity and decisions intended to preclude a cure for Mecca, but on re-examination it can be seen that a good portion of them remain uncovered. Thus, many press conferences that received a great deal of media coverage and media releases circulated to the health papers opened new editions – but eventually turned out to be a flower.

Among other things, while in the office of returning Easters require immediate isolation, the way they must do public transport. The office staff scares the prisoners not to follow the isolation instructions with severe punishment of years in prison – but there is no effective enforcement. In addition, despite the coercion of isolation, voting will be possible in the elections, risking healthy citizens. The last significant step the ministry took on the Corona issue was the decision to bring Israelis back to Israel in isolation. According to sources in the health system, this step also seems not to have been fully considered, and its results in the meantime are a fifth passenger infected with the virus – for the first time in Israel.

Litzman’s response to things couldn’t be accepted.

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