Drama at home in the USA, mother affected by a heart attack collapses on her 4-month-old son: both dead


A 38 year old mom accidentally killed the little boy just 4 months after collapsing on him because of a fatal illness and having him crushed with its weight. The tragedy discovered by the woman’s husband and the child’s father who was at home at the time of the event. The man went downstairs and found himself in front of the terrible scene. The subsequent medical aid from the health personnel alerted by man is also reported: unfortunately for mom and son there was nothing to do and both were declared dead on the spot. The drama took place last Tuesday in a home in Tempe, a small community in the United States of America in the metropolitan area of ​​Phoenix, in the state of Arizona.

The two victims are the thirty-eight year old Larinique Meadows and his 4-month-old son Denari. According to what was reconstructed by the Tempe police and reported by local newspapers, it is very likely that the woman had sensed her illness but was unable to call for help before the heart attack killed her. When she was found on the ground, in fact, next to her there was also her cell phone on which some new pictures had been made research on the symptoms of chest pain. But mom was unable to use that phone to call and shortly thereafter she collapsed on the little one at home killing him. Everything happened without her husband, who was sleeping upstairs, noticing anything. “It was a terrible tragedy for our agents too, it was a very difficult moment” explained a local police spokesman, concluding “It is very, very sad and we cry for that family”

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