Don’t do the math without Gigio. Oxygen and the market. Dear Izzo: San Giuann …


Gigio bought and sold in February. Films that we have already seen and reviewed. At least four times from winter 2016 to today. An evergreen not even original. We got used to it and we have hard skin. The only thing that is out of place and sorry is that the story is played once again on the skin of the Rossoneri fans who are in good faith and who are literally in love with Gigio. To make a long story short: Donnarumma is a heritage of Milan and in society at Casa Milan there are people who know what this concept means. And in any case, a simple simple rule applies, for everyone. For me that I write, for you who read, for those who ask questions, for those who do the interviews, for those who do the ventriloquist: none of us can reckon without Gigio. He is a boy, but he is no longer the same boy as 3 years ago. He is responsible, he is serious, he is continuous, he is professional. Anyone who has seen him cheering after Calhanoglu’s 3-2 on Tuesday evening knows how much he loves Milan and not by way of saying. That’s why he finally decides. As happened in 2017. It is useless to put pressure around: Gigio decides and his family decides. If he and the club agree on the concept of Milan’s assets, as we know, Gigio will remain. If then, because you can never know in life and football teaches that you must always be ready for anything, it should never be a good thing for Milan to leave, he will leave. But never against Milan and never against its fans. Understanding Gigio means that the accounts cannot be done without him. Not even in words.

The Milan winter market: it started under the 5-0 fire of Bergamo in a row, with redundancies of players and with average high wages according to the UEFA rules. This winter window then became the demonstration of how the squad can be propped up and leveled, also taking care to return to a virtuous cycle from a strategic point of view as per rules not of Suma but of UEFA. Even with the 6 transfers, the squad of players is very extensive for the 19-20 games that remain to be played this season. After replacing Higuain with Piatek a year ago and Piatek with … Ibra today, this winter market has also gone from the center forward as a crucial hub. The rest of the operations were adjustment, leveling. Ricardo Rodriguez could not be Theo’s second, as well as Suso that of Castillejo or Piatek himself that of Ibra: a matter of mood, of expectations. The second must be a second, and since it will be Laxalt the profile remains respectfully but clearly that of a second. Robinson stayed at Wigan … it happens, it’s not the end of the world, it’s the market, it seemed that Gabbia was now elsewhere, instead he stayed at the last. It happens, both ways. In any case, having cut the number of engagements and given a little breath to the balance sheet, reduced the squad and added players either intelligent or prospective, Milan put itself in the best position to plan the summer market in the best possible way. Which is not a mockery, as it might seem to some slightly disappointed fans, but the real session in which to make strategic and targeted purchases. Indispensable for a club that has to lower its liabilities and improve results. After so many difficult years. It is not simple, quite the contrary. And businesses that are anything but simple, while you try to achieve them, always provoke criticism from you. Adults and vaccinated, come on.

The bar of Sarri continues to turn, coined after an Empoli-Milan 2-2 of September 2014, that to have the penalties you must have the striped shirts. In any case, they must have listened to Sarri. And while they were there they expanded the concept. Now, for example, the yellow cards are given only to teams with striped shirts, if the Rossoneri are better. The good Bennacer knows this well on his skin: in two years of Empoli without the striped shirt he took fewer yellow cards than the 10 “brought home” with the red and black vertical striped shirt. The tarantella danced outside the region on the sensational and apocalyptic failure to expel Rebic in Milan-Turin of the Italian cup fits into this picture. Milan-Turin started the game with the following score, perfectly in line with the Bennacer method: Milan 19 fouls and 6 yellow cards, Turin 23 fouls and 2 yellow cards. But the philosopher’s stone is the failure to expel Rebic … which, from the regulatory point of view and Var, should have been given. I don’t argue. But from the point of view of San Giuann who makes minga deceit …, it is sensationally right that it has not been attributed. Because? But why yes, because the prizes for Izzo are over. Last April, and AC Milan played the Champions League not only on that episode but also on that episode, Izzo fell by taking home a non-existent penalty whistled against Kessie in Turin-Milan. Amen then if the other night, after adequately provoking Rebic, he did not bring home also the red against the opponent. Enough dear Izzo, AC Milan has already given you.



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