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In a recorded audio and video lecture posted on social networks, a Turkish preacher close to the family of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, called “Noureddine Yildiz,” says:“Our disagreement with Saudi Arabia is much greater than our disagreement with Israel.” This is something that has become very clear for years and is confirmed by Turkish hostile media and political behavior towards the Kingdom, which is unique in leading the Islamic world. This is totally inconsistent with the obsession with the ruling Justice and Development Party in Ankara by regaining the legacy of the Ottoman occupation state. The defunct.

And the follower of the Turkish media with its various official and unofficial channels will not find it difficult to discover that most of its product targets Saudi Arabia and its symbols by attack and attempts to mutilate and focuses in particular on the personality of His Highness Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman as the godfather of Saudi Arabia’s vision and future, and this particular future is what strikes the Turkish dark project in The core, and undermines the dreams of the Erdogan party, which feeds on backwardness and the exploitation of false past slogans, and even turns all the money spent by the government of Turkey in order to publicize its new colonial project to catastrophic losses.

Today, the Turkish people are well aware that the obscurantist and ugly project destroyed Turkey’s economy and drowned it in the Syrian quagmire, and this was followed by its placement in the Libyan quagmire, which made it face a state of internal boiling due to the killing of a large number of the children of the poor Turks in conflicts that have nothing to do with them outside their country, so the Turkish citizen Indeed, he is hungry at home and killed abroad, and there is no hope on the horizon for his exit from this tragic situation except for the departure of the Justice and Development Party’s government with its projects and disasters forever.

It is clear that the only thing that the Turkish regime is good at dealing with its crises is only to continue selling slogans, lies and tickling feelings of ignorance, including what he is currently doing from rhetorical plays towards the “deal of the century”, while he is the largest economic partner in the region to Israel, and has full political relations with it Indeed, the Israeli citizen does not need a visa to enter Turkey for many years.

Two days ago, most of the official Turkish media broadcast a video clip depicting a group of Turks chanting inside the Holy Mosque of Mecca in a rowdy and annoying manner for pilgrims on the pretext of objecting to the deal of the century, even though the Israeli embassy is located in the heart of Turkey and not Mecca, and it would have been easier for them to strike in front of it if they had their real intention It is to support the Palestinian right, but the entire incident is just a failed Erdogan play against Saudi Arabia, which is inspired by the Iranian experience in creating chaos in the holiest places on earth. In my opinion, it is a complete stupid intelligence operation, as it was intended to provoke the security of the Haram al-Makki to prevent these mercenaries from continuing Their annoying chants of pilgrims and worshipers and then the claim that the Saudi authorities prevent people from supporting the Palestinian cause, and when the matter failed, he found no one who sent these mobs to direct his media to broadcast the video as part of “half the loss, not the whole loss”, but will the Turkish obsession and hostility to Saudi Arabia stop? When is that? The answer, of course, is no .. but it will fail every new time, as usual, as fools and fools have been politically wormed throughout history.

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