‘Defensive football understanding has ended’


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Roberto Mancini, the technical director of the Italian National Team, who is the rival of our A National Team in EURO 2020, stated that he will not be a defensive Italy team anymore and they will adopt a more offensive understanding.Mancini, the coach of the Italian National Team, who attended an event in Genoa, Italy, spoke important words about the goals of the EURO 2020 and the future of the Italian National Team.

For the Italian National Team, which has been identified with defensive football so far; “I love the offensive game concept. We may have won 4 World Cups with Italy’s unique understanding of football; however, the time of the defensive-minded game played over counter-attack is over.” said.

Experienced coach who also used Galatasaray in our country for a while, in a statement on EURO 2020; “When I listen to our national anthem from the hut, I am proud to be an Italian. We are happy to revive the excitement of the Italians towards their national teams. We will try to make them happy in the tournament in June” said.

Our A National Team will face Italy in the opening match of EURO 2020. The match, which will be played at the Rome Olympic Stadium, will start on June 12 at 22:00 CEST Click to reach sports news before anyone else with the Sportx mobile app.

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