Daughter Mactar Gueye: The Cored invites the media to avoid invading her privacy


The Council for the observance of rules of ethics and professional conduct in the media (CORED), in the case of the daughter of the vice-president of the NGO Jamra, invites, in this press release, the media to avoid broadcasting information violating the privacy of citizens and constituting an attack on their dignity.

Publish gynecology test results…?

In the treatment relating to the disappearance of the daughter of the leader of the NGO Jamra, CORED – Council for the Observation of Rules of Ethics and Professional Conduct in the media, noted that the media went as far as to mention the publication of the results of the gynecological tests of the said girl.

… Or child victims?

In other cases involving minor children involved in pedophilia cases, their images have been published without any filters. However, this is a serious and manifest invasion of the privacy and dignity of these people.

CORED calls on the media to exercise responsible journalism, that is to say, practiced within the framework of compliance with ethical and deontological rules, far from the clichés of the scandalous press which seeks to interfere in the people’s privacy.

Blur images of minors

Private life covers the physical and psychological integrity of a person as well as multiple aspects of their identity, their right to image, their reputation, information relating to their medical situation, their home address, fatherhood, sexual activity, etc. In all circumstances, images of minors must be blurred. The dissemination of this information is unethical for journalists, unless it is in the public interest.

The Council for the Observation of Rules of Ethics and Professional Conduct in the Media (CORED) reminds journalists that respect for privacy is a fundamental aspect of the practice of journalism.

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