Dan Shilon: “When Hamas hits soldiers it’s not terrorism”


Veteran journalist and television man Dan Shilon caused a storm on the internet this morning, referring to the sensitive security situation these days and escalating the war between the IDF and Hamas.

In a post posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, Shillon wrote: “On terrorism, some order. When Hamas bombs civilian houses, when Palestinians stab innocent people, blow up buses, launch explosives into civilian settlements, this is terror. Depression, disgusting, painful. Terrorism, Or any other organization that harms the military, the soldiers, the commanders, the uniforms, it’s not terror, it’s war, “he wrote. “Painful, dirty, disgusting, but legitimate. War against enemy, with soldiers, with officers and leaders, sometimes of individuals. War. Not terror. War.”

Shillon's Post // Screenshot, from Facebook

Some of his commenters protested his statement, and later Yoav “Shadow Eliasi”, who shared a screenshot of the post in question, was also exposed, adding: “Dan Shilon: When Hamas hits soldiers and commanders it’s not terror, it’s a legitimate war. Leftism = mental disorder.”

Shilon, 79, does not spare his views on the social network and often expresses himself against diplomatic moves. Among other things, he also criticized the Blue and White Party for its position on the immunity of Knesset Member Haim Katz, and also recently expressed his opinion on the indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Dan Shilon preferred not to comment.

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