Coronavirus, the Spallanzani of Rome is the first in Europe to isolate it. One dead in the Philippines: so far the only victim outside of China


“In these hours at Spallanzani the Coronavirus, is important news globally. It means having more possibilities to study it understand and know what to do to contain it. It will be made available to the whole international community. Now it will be easier to treat it. ” The health minister Roberto Speranza announces the discovery of virologists from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases “Lazzaro Spallanzani”, the first in Europe to isolate the virus less than 48 hours after diagnosing positivity for the first two patients in Italy. “Having the virus available in a timely manner is a fundamental step – they say by the Institute -, which will allow us to refine existing diagnostic methods and set up new ones. The availability of the new pathogen in the laboratories will also allow to study the mechanisms of the disease for the development of treatments and the development of the vaccine “.

In the Philippines the first patient died outside of China – Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus infections continues to grow: 1,921 new cases only yesterday, for a total of over 14 thousand throughout the country. The number of deaths that arrived in also rises 304: among the 45 dead on the last day there is also first patient to die outside China, in the Philippines. The victim, a 44-year-old Chinese man, had been hospitalized since 25 January: together with his partner they had been the first cases of infection in the islands of Southeast Asia. “During the hospitalization – said the Secretary of Health – the patient developed severe pneumonia that led to his death”. The Chinese ambassador has officially asked for help in Brussels: there is a lack of resources and medical supplies to counter the emergency in a country now in difficulty. “Twelve tons of protective equipment are already on their way to China,” the European Commissioner for Crisis Management announced on Twitter Janez Lenarcic. The number of infections in Europe rises to twenty: two Germans who have returned from Wuhan have tested positive for the disease.

China tries to limit contagionsWuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, has announced the completion of the work on the first of the two hospitals designed and built to deal with the emergency, “Huoshenshan”: it will be managed by the military and will begin welcoming patients tomorrow. While hospitals are working frantically, outside, on the streets of Wuhan, you can breathe an air from ghost city: deserted streets, closed rooms, empty shops. Other cities are also increasing security measures. Quarantined the city Wenzhou, with over 9 million inhabitants, which today it closed roads – including 46 motorway exits – and limited travel: is the most drastic move taken outside the province of Hubei, the region most affected by the virus. In Wenzhou, where 265 infections have occurred, one person per family will be allowed to go out and buy basic necessities every two days. The mayor of Huanggang, in the province of Hubei, has appealed to the international community: there is a “desperate need” of masks and protective suits because there is a serious risk of cross-infection. France24 reports that a coronavirus-infected patient committed suicide in Wuhan by hanging himself from an overpass. According to the broadcaster, the man was not admitted to a hospital so he decided to make an extreme gesture so as not to return home and infect the family.

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, in a message to the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, expressed the hope that the situation will soon return to normal: “In addressing the health emergency, China can count on the availability of the Italian Republic for any assistance deemed useful. We are sharing the pain of the families of those who have lost their lives and we wish the sick – assisted by the courageous Chinese medical staff – a speedy and complete recovery “, added Mattarella.


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